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NaviExpert is Poland’s first personal navigation for mobile phones

Take advantage of the incredible possibilities that mobile GPS navigation gives, check if your phone is on the NaviExpert compatibility list.

Telefon - prosto do celu
Always with you

NaviExpert on your phone is like having your own personal guide, with whom you’ll never get lost. Pinpoint your exact position on the mobile map. You designate a destination, an address or point of interest, and the navigation will guide you precisely along the route with the help of graphical and voice commands. It doesn’t matter how you travel: by car, by foot, or public transport - you always have navigation in the palm of your hand on your phone. NaviExpert’s generous offer enables fulfilling the needs of anyone who owns a mobile phone.

When you need a map on your phone it's enough to download the application free-of-charge, then take advantage of the stock of mobile Poland maps and capability of locating points of interest that you can also share with family and friends through the sending of a navi SMS message. Get where you want to be with ease!

You’re interested only in urban style navigation. A NaviPlan Urban navigation subscription fulfils the needs of city discoverers. Travelling on public transport and foot has never been so easy!

When you need car navigation, to smoothly reach your chosen destination by avoiding possible disruptions, choose any NaviPlan Poland and Europe navigation subscription that fits your needs. Travel without borders! Moreover, NaviExpert adapts to your needs perfectly. Choose the type of route you want to travel by car / recommended, fastest, main, short, 4x4 or ECO/. You decide if you want to bypass toll-roads, whether the navigation is to display in 2D or 3D mode, what map layers are important to you, what POI categories are to display on the screen. You can also choose the lector’s voice and many other personal settings.

It's handy and easy to use!

See how NaviExpert makes life easier for others

NaviExpert already has one and half million users. The measurable time and fuel savings, as well as the feeling of security that using a phone map and GPS navigation provide, are the main reasons why it is worth choosing NaviExpert.

See how NaviExpert makes life easier for others
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