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Telefon - aktualne mapy
Actual maps

Road conditions change dynamically. A current map together with up to the moment information about road conditions is a basic requirement in every good navigation. There are a priority in NaviExpert, and the reason why you always drive the optimal route adapted to current traffic conditions. The system collects online data about the speeds of moving vehicles – this is possible thanks to the Community Traffic online technology. Planned on the basis of this data is the course of the route, avoiding the most jammed sections of road. What’s more, NaviExpert boasts an up-to-date database of road disruptions and speed cameras. Thanks to this:

You don’t get stuck in traffic jams. When traffic on main roads is slow, you’ll dash along side streets and shortcuts indicated by the navigation. This is the result of the innovative Community Traffic online technology, which uses anonymous data, originating from the many thousands of NaviExpert community members and a professionally monitored fleet of 40,000 vehicles in the AutoGaurd fleet management system. Thanks to this you reach your destination 10-50% faster than someone who uses a standard GPS navigation.

Nothing will surprise you. Construction, closed roads, traffic scheme changes – you don’t have to worry. Daily up-to-date data ensures that you’ll steer wide of disruptions and reach your travel destination with ease. With NaviExpert navigation you’ll take advantage of newly opened sections of road quicker. NaviExpert users were travelling along Warsaw’s S8 just an hour after it had opened.

You won’t pay fines for exceeding the speed limit. NaviExpert gives advance warning about speed cameras locations, places where road checks often take place, and unsafe points.

NaviExpert understands the needs of drivers perfectly! Join our community!

See how NaviExpert makes life easier for others

NaviExpert already has one and half million users. The measurable time and fuel savings, as well as the feeling of security that using a phone map and GPS navigation provide, are the main reasons why it is worth choosing NaviExpert.

See how NaviExpert makes life easier for others
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